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Oh The Places I Want To Go: Domestic

Remember the international version of "Oh The Places I Want To Go?" Well, this is the domestic version. What I meant by domestic is places right here in the United States in America. Some of the places on this list I would like to visit, have already visited and would like to live in.
1. Atlanta, Georgia. This is the birthplace of Coca-Cola. This is one of the most historical places in the United States of America. The 1996 Summer Olympics took place in this city and is the capital of the Peach State. 2. Decatur, Georgia. And speaking of the Peach State, I have been to this see before and I loved the downtown area. Maybe I could live in this city and work in Atlanta. 3. Los Angeles, California. I dreamed about going this city and have a creative career there. I would love go see the beaches that this city has. 4. New York City, New York. So many sites I would love to see and places I would like to go one day. Like the Statue of Liberty for example. So many cuisines I would l…