Summer Olympics 2016 Part 2: History Being Made

As we get back my recap of the Summer Olympics in Rio, I'm going to discussing as much as I can about the history that was made doing those games. There were so many first and lasts as well. Let's get started shall we. I would first like to start off with Ibtihaj Muhammad.
When see the Parade of Nations, I would some the female athletes from mostly Islamic countries wear hijabs and adjust their uniforms according to their belief system. This Muslim fencer really stands out to me. This athlete is the first American Muslim to compete in the while wearing a hijab. Growing up her parents tried to find her a sport.She won a bronze medal for her sport this year.
She maybe only 4'8-9" but her athletic ability is as tall as I am (I'm 6'1"). Simone Biles has made history for being the sixth woman to win individual all-around gold medals for artistic gymnastics. She got to be the flag bearer for Team USA in the closing ceremony. Biles is also the first African American woman to be given the honor to do so.


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