2016 Summer Olympics Part 1

Well, the XXXI Olympiad or 2016 Summer Olympics in Rio de Janerio, Brazil is about to come to close. It has been a long and historic 16 days. I'm going to miss it so much and it was the first Olympics that I got to watch live on my computer at http://www.nbcolympics.com. It was also was the last Olympics of some well-known athletes since they are going to retire. Now, were should I begin? How about the opening ceremony.
In spite of its lowest budget, this year's Olympics took place the Maracana Stadium. The performances were based on multiculturalism, environmental issues and its history of Brazil. The parade nations included about 200 countries and a new Refugee Olympic Team. One of my favorite moments was when Brazilian supermodel, Gisele Bundechen, cat walked to one of my most favorite jazz songs all time, "The Girl From Impena. Now on to the parade of Nations. There were so many stylish outfits that the athletes were this year. But the most unforgettable is the shirtless and oiled chest of Tonga's flag bearer, Pita Nikolas. It would not be a Brazilian Olympic opening ceremony with out samba dancers. Something that have been looking forward to for the past four years since I love to samba dance. The Olympic cauldron raised as if it was the sun. It warms my heart to see many nations come together in peace for 2 weeks to compete sports ranging from badminton to wrestling. Part 2 is coming soon.


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