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Pray For Orlando

I am completely shocked after the what just happened. what first came to my mind was, "50 PEOPLE! IN ONE CLUB! A LGBTI nightclub called Pulse was shot up by a gunman and hostages were taken on June 11, 2016 or in the early morning hours of June 12, 2016. At least 50 died and 53 were injured. There is a need of blood donations so if you are willing to donate please do so. This event has become the most deadliest mass shooting in U.S. history (in a nightclub because have been more deadly and tragic events in United States history.)  My heart goes out to the victims, survivors and their loved ones. So please in this time of tragedy pray for Orlando, FL.

More Hubs Coming Soon

As you already know. I have articles on that are written my yours truly. Well, I have been updating some of my hubs that need to be update and there are more that will be coming soon. In the meantime check out my latest hub: I also have other hubs about that deal other college majors such as and There will be more college major related hubs coming soon. So, enjoy the hubs I wrote.