5 Easter Foods That Are Actually Good For You

5 Easter Foods That Are Actually Good For You: Healthy Easter foods? Really? Yes! Like many other holidays, Easter is all about tradition. Even though it’s not thought of as a particularly healthy holiday, with all those sweets and treats…

Looking for what to eat for Easter dinner and be healthy at the same time?
Now I know Easter already ended last month. However, if you are looking for what to eat for next Easter this is the blog for you. Well, the link above have five foods that you can include in your Easter dinner. These foods can be good for your heart, blood and other parts of your body

1. Horseradish. We went from cold and flu season to allergy season. Horseradish not only can clear up your sinuses but give your immune system and metabolism that much needed boost.
2. White Wine. 6.8 ounce a day can improve your HDL or good cholesterol . It can also lower inflammation and gives your a healthy and strong heart.
3. Potatoes. Yes they are starchy and full carbs. But, they also have their benefits for your healthy.
4. Boiled Eggs. Eggs have always been a big part of Easter. From the Easter hunt to hard boiled eggs. Even through the get a of flak for it's cholesterol level.
5. Spring Vegetables. These seasonal vegetables include asparagus, broccoli, carrots, green beans and green peas. Not only they are colorful but they are full of vitamins and minerals.

Well, there you have it. I might put in more food tips in the near future. You can now enjoy Easter and be healthy at the same time.


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