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2016: What a Year!

Sorry I have not blogged in a while. A little and a lot has been going on since my last post. At first I'm was so bored I did not know what to blog about. Then, some much happen in so little time I have to get it all together. So much many personal things and historical event have happened in this year alone. I might do a multiple part blog post about 2016.

I turned 15 for the fifteenth time. I am a working process. I'm doing my best to get it together. I'm currently self employed but trying to look for more income. I'm at dad's home but working on moving back to Georgia. More coming soon.

Summer Olympics 2016: The Bad and The Ugly

This is the last of my Summer Olympics recap coverage. A bonus post about this topic is coming to you soon. Even though there have been great historical moments, there have been controversial moments as well. Over 118 athletes from Team Russia have been banned because of doping. Teams China and Jamaica suffered horrible living conditions. The rooms looked like as if the construction was not complete prior to the athletes arrival. Another problem with the Olympic games was the country of Brazil itself. There have been problems with pollution, poverty and the Zika virus. Because of the Zika virus, over 450,000 condoms were distributed this year.

Summer Olympics 2016 Part 2: History Being Made

As we get back my recap of the Summer Olympics in Rio, I'm going to discussing as much as I can about the history that was made doing those games. There were so many first and lasts as well. Let's get started shall we. I would first like to start off with Ibtihaj Muhammad.
When see the Parade of Nations, I would some the female athletes from mostly Islamic countries wear hijabs and adjust their uniforms according to their belief system. This Muslim fencer really stands out to me. This athlete is the first American Muslim to compete in the while wearing a hijab. Growing up her parents tried to find her a sport.She won a bronze medal for her sport this year. She maybe only 4'8-9" but her athletic ability is as tall as I am (I'm 6'1"). Simone Biles has made history for being the sixth woman to win individual all-around gold medals for artistic gymnastics. She got to be the flag bearer for Team USA in the closing ceremony. Biles is also the first African Amer…

2016 Summer Olympics Part 1

Well, the XXXI Olympiad or 2016 Summer Olympics in Rio de Janerio, Brazil is about to come to close. It has been a long and historic 16 days. I'm going to miss it so much and it was the first Olympics that I got to watch live on my computer at It was also was the last Olympics of some well-known athletes since they are going to retire. Now, were should I begin? How about the opening ceremony.
In spite of its lowest budget, this year's Olympics took place the Maracana Stadium. The performances were based on multiculturalism, environmental issues and its history of Brazil. The parade nations included about 200 countries and a new Refugee Olympic Team. One of my favorite moments was when Brazilian supermodel, Gisele Bundechen, cat walked to one of my most favorite jazz songs all time, "The Girl From Impena. Now on to the parade of Nations. There were so many stylish outfits that the athletes were this year. But the most unforgettable is the shirt…

A Piece of the Pie

Ladies and gentleman, I found another online micro job. I still do Amazon Mechanical Turk (a post that is coming soon) but can really help me boost my income. This site is
This pays people to review music, clothes, fashion accessories, phone cases and mobile accessories. You would make more for reviews that are more longer thoughtful. Just make sure they have a little more detail. Your minimum amount to withdrawn is $10. Refer your friends about this LEGIT website.

Pray For Orlando

I am completely shocked after the what just happened. what first came to my mind was, "50 PEOPLE! IN ONE CLUB! A LGBTI nightclub called Pulse was shot up by a gunman and hostages were taken on June 11, 2016 or in the early morning hours of June 12, 2016. At least 50 died and 53 were injured. There is a need of blood donations so if you are willing to donate please do so. This event has become the most deadliest mass shooting in U.S. history (in a nightclub because have been more deadly and tragic events in United States history.)  My heart goes out to the victims, survivors and their loved ones. So please in this time of tragedy pray for Orlando, FL.

More Hubs Coming Soon

As you already know. I have articles on that are written my yours truly. Well, I have been updating some of my hubs that need to be update and there are more that will be coming soon. In the meantime check out my latest hub: I also have other hubs about that deal other college majors such as and There will be more college major related hubs coming soon. So, enjoy the hubs I wrote.

5 Easter Foods That Are Actually Good For You

5 Easter Foods That Are Actually Good For You: Healthy Easter foods? Really? Yes! Like many other holidays, Easter is all about tradition. Even though it’s not thought of as a particularly healthy holiday, with all those sweets and treats…

Looking for what to eat for Easter dinner and be healthy at the same time?
Now I know Easter already ended last month. However, if you are looking for what to eat for next Easter this is the blog for you. Well, the link above have five foods that you can include in your Easter dinner. These foods can be good for your heart, blood and other parts of your body

1. Horseradish. We went from cold and flu season to allergy season. Horseradish not only can clear up your sinuses but give your immune system and metabolism that much needed boost.
2. White Wine. 6.8 ounce a day can improve your HDL or good cholesterol . It can also lower inflammation and gives your a healthy and strong heart.
3. Potatoes. Yes they are starchy and full carbs. But, they also hav…

Good News!

No, I have not found a new name for this blog but I am still working on it. However, I still have good news. I finally made a Facebook page for this blog. I have seen many have Facebook pages for their blogs before. So, one day I thought, " Why can't I?" So today, I finally did it. I can utilize the Facebook page to promote myself in my future endeavors. What do you mean my "future endeavors" you ask? Well, I am an aspiring creative person. I am actor, dancer, model, singer and writer. I also hope to do podcasts in the future too. Still everybody, I am open to suggestions for a name for this blog. I just wanted share my good news with you all together because I'm in a good mood.

I Could Really Need Your Help

I'm really thinking about changing this blog's name. But to what? I mean when first started this blog, I did not know what my focus would. This is the very first blog I have ever done in my life. There are so many blogs that focus on current events, the arts, food, recipes, sports, style etc. Myself, however, my focus for this blog is very eclectic which means that I blog about various topics. I plan on my a lot of improvements on this blog because a fellow blogger told me tr hat my posts need more depth. What he meant by "more depth" was that my posts can be a bit longer. Anyway, look out for new things to come.