CoilyQueens™ : Five fantastically unique winter hair care tips!

CoilyQueens™ : Five fantastically unique winter hair care tips!: Old man winter will soon be with us. You see lots of  ladies post that they are putting their hair away for the winter. Know that your...

To see the rest of this article, click of the link above this article. The fall and winter months can really dry out natural hair. Especially the cotton and wool hats we wear can dry natural hair as well. A person with natural will have to change how he or she maintain their hair. Here are some tips the can you and your natural hair during this time of year.

  1. Drink a lot of water. Water not only hydrates your body but your hair as well. The harsh conditions of winter weather can really dry out both body and hair. You can also utilize water to style your hair.
  2. Make sure that to moisture your hair daily. Moisturize in the day and in at night time. You will have soft hair by the time you wake up in morning.
  3. Don't forget to deep condition. Now this tip is a must. Especially with whatever the cold weather months have to offer.
  4. Seal with heavy moisturizers. And what I mean by "heavy moisturizers," I mean by aloe vera gel,coconut oil, jojoba oil, olive oil, Shea butter. Just don't seal with oil alone.
  5. Cover with satin.  You can use satin material for a pillowcase, to wear on your head at night, and it can be used as lining in winter hats. Cotton can cause hair to dry up and damage during the winter months.
With these following tips, your natural hair will be able to able to survive whatever the winter months may bring.


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