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CoilyQueens™ : Five fantastically unique winter hair care tips!

CoilyQueens™ : Five fantastically unique winter hair care tips!: Old man winter will soon be with us. You see lots of  ladies post that they are putting their hair away for the winter. Know that your...

To see the rest of this article, click of the link above this article. The fall and winter months can really dry out natural hair. Especially the cotton and wool hats we wear can dry natural hair as well. A person with natural will have to change how he or she maintain their hair. Here are some tips the can you and your natural hair during this time of year.

Drink a lot of water. Water not only hydrates your body but your hair as well. The harsh conditions of winter weather can really dry out both body and hair. You can also utilize water to style your hair.Make sure that to moisture your hair daily. Moisturize in the day and in at night time. You will have soft hair by the time you wake up in morning.Don't forget to deep condition. Now this tip is a must. Especially with whatever t…

Needing Donations Soon

It's been a long time since I blogged and I apologize. I've going through a lot. I have have been filling out job applications and have been writing articles online. My profile for my articles is I have been writing for Hub pages for about a month now. There six to seven original hubs featured and is still working on more.The time for to move out of my dad's house is coming very soon. However, I'm kinda low on funds. That's where I need your help. I will be setting up something on one of these fundraiser sites. I will also continue to do more research on these sites and set up my goal. The details will come you soon. And I promise to blog a little more often whenever I have something to blog about. Because just like what one of my favorite artists, Sade, said "I sing when I something to say." Thanks for reading. Have a good day.

5 Uses for Shea Butter You Haven't Thought of Yet

5 Uses for Shea Butter You Haven't Thought of Yet

I'm sorry I have not blogged in a while. Shea butter is a versatile product. It can be used for hair and body. Check out this article and find out for yourself.

Elevator Speech l CareerOneStop

Elevator Speech l CareerOneStop

It's been a while seen I blogged. I was on and I find out about something called an elevator speech. According to the website, this type of speech is "a two minute description of you skills and career goals." This is something you and I can use in a networking event in your chosen field. This is an example of an elevator speech:

"Hi. My name is ____________.   I'm looking for  (  a kind  of job  )  in (  an industry, field, or location   ).    I really enjoy  (   something about a past job or experience    )  .   I'm good at ( a certain job skill   )." After you’ve briefly stated these facts, you can ask for help or advice. For example: "Do you have any advice for me?""Do you know anything about this company?""Do you know anyone who does know about ______________?""Can I use your name to contact them?

Happy National Poetry Month!

April will soon be National Poetry Month. This month has been recognized in the United States since 1996 and in Canada since 1998. It is inspired by Black History Month (February) and Women's History Month (March). The month celebrate poets in the United States and in Canada. Whenever I can, I will blog about different poets and feature some of my original works that would be featured in an e-book soon. Anyway, Happy National Poetry Month! By the way, I would like feature on of my works right now. This poem is called "Blog On," an ode to blogging.
Blog On!                                                                                     Turn on your computer!
Log on to what interests you! This is a 21st century digital way to communication and information. It’s not only just a diary or a way to give an opinion. It’s a great way to give and receive the current events of the day. So, whatever topic you like whether it’s: The arts, Celebrities, Politics, Fitness, Do-It-Yourself, Rel…

First Day of Spring

I'm sorry I have been away for a while because I have been busy.  Winter must have been so long,I've been praying for warmer weather like how people pray for rain or snow. I would like to wish you all a happy first day of spring. I would like share the Spring part of my poem " Seasons" for this occasion. Enjoy!


Spring into action as the animals come out of hibernation, Smell the fragrance of nature’s perfume we know as flowers.
Have fun and enjoy in the season’s events.

Easy Breakfast Casserole

all world cooking recipes: Easy Breakfast Casserole: Easy Breakfast Casserole  1/2 lb. breakfast sausage 3 green onions, chopped whites and greens 4 eggs 1/2 C...

For more infomation on this recipe, go to

Black History Month (Red, Black and Green)

Even it is Black History Month, I want to share a poem a with you. This poem is called Red, Black and Green. This work is based on the Pan-African flag. This flag was adopted in the United Negro Improvement Association or the UNIA in 1920. Each color has its own representation. Here is what I think each color represents. My poem is found below. Happy reading!
Red: the color of passion, the color of excitement, the color of love, the color of beauty, the color of courage, the color of the blood that was shed by my ancestors and what binds us together as a human race Black: the color of power, the color of strength, the color of elegance, the color of rebellion, the color of individuality, the color of style, the color of sophistication, the color of Nubian people from the Motherland Green: the color of hope, the color of life, the color of harmony, the color of generosity, the color of renewal, the color of tranquility, the color of peace, the color of the plentiful natural treasure of Af…

Art History

Since I have a Bachelor of Arts degree in Art History with Dramatic Arts minor, I just come up with a great idea! I can blog about different artists, art historic eras, etc. I will not limit myself to just explaining the history of the visual arts. I want to discuss topics in drama, music, literature, etc. Coming to you very soon.

Expanding My Horizons

As you already know, I'm a freelance writer. But want to expand my horizons when it comes to my writing. I mean I do write poetry. But I want write books of different genres, novels different genres, scripts for plays , scripts for the screen, articles for different websites, etc. I do not want to be a one trick pony when it comes to my craft. I could help people with their resumes and cover letters. I want to critique, format and edit other people's literary works. Here my profile for I'm also a freelance writer on as well. If you need my help, let me know. Freelance writing is one of the things I can do with my degree. My poetic works will be featured on this blog.

Have we not learned anything at all?!

I thought we moved beyond the one-drop rule. I thought we moved beyond the paper bag test. I thought we moved beyond having combs at the doors of a church. #teamlightskin #teamdarkskin Don’t you realize that this was a system used to divide, conquer and destroy an entire people? It’s bad enough when other people judge us by the tints and shades of our skin
But, it even worse we do it to ourselves.

I've Been Thinking

Lately. I have been doing a lot of thinking. Maybe it's time for me to move out of Conyers, Georgia and live on my own. Even though I have been living for five months, I feel limited and stifled. I think that Atlanta, Georgia might have more opportunity for me. There are some places in the community that can help me out with obtaining employment, housing, financial assistance, food stamps, and disability. The thing is I have a form of autism.

The New Year Agenda

It's now the first day of the new year and there is a lot that need to be done. I have medical physical coming up so I need to prepare for that. That means I would have to not eat any solid food and drink a lot of water the night before. So far with my freelance writing, I have a potential client I met at and still setting up my profile. The job search for me, however, has being slow coming evening I put in 5-6 job applications. But like what I always say, "Some progress is better than no progress." I need to go to a nearby career center that could help me out with the job search.