Rest In Peace Christine Cavanaugh

As a 90's kid, there were certain cartoons I grew up with. First, there was Rugrats from Nickelodeon. There was a certain red headed toddler named Chuckie Finster. There was one quote that cartoon character I thought when I got scared something as a child. And the following quote just happened to be: "I'm a big, brave dog."
Then by the time as was 8 years old, I was discovered a channel called Cartoon Network. There was to be a segment called What A Cartoon. That introduced the cartoon Dexter's Laboratory that featured a red haired a boy genius named Dexter who got a sister named Dee Dee tries destroy his secret laboratory. 
When was about 9 years old, my sister, and I when go see a movie called Babe (No, it's not about a movie the baseball player Babe Ruth.) It was about a pig who wanted to be a sheepdog. It's entertaining and fun for the family. I also remember see the sequel Babe: Pig in the Big City, a few years later.
The characters I just mention got one thing in common. They were voiced by voice actress Christine Cavanaugh. Even though I found about her death yesterday, she died on December 22, 2014 at age 51. Detail of her death are unknown for now. 
Rest In Peace
August 16, 1963-December 22, 2014


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