Just Because: The Stereotype Poem

Just because I’m black does not mean does not mean inferior,
I’m not meant to be treated like I’m subhuman
Just because I’m a woman does not I’m a sex object,
I do have a brain you know.
 Just because I’m a black woman does not mean I’m ugly,
Black is beautiful.
Just because my hair is natural does not mean I stopped wearing deodorant,
I do practice good hygiene, you know.
Just because I’m an American does not mean I’m arrogant,
No culture is less than or greater than.
Just because I’m an African-American does not mean I’m angry.
I do have things to be happy about.
Just because I’m a Christian does mean judgmental,
I’m not God.
Then stereotypes I mention are just what society thinks of me.
However, that’s society problem and not mine.
I mean I’m not perfect,
I’m human after all!

That’s all that matters.


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