Ham and Dumplings

You heard of chicken and dumplings, rights? Well, I have been make chicken and dumplings for years. But a couple days ago, I have made something amazing with the leftover Thanksgiving ham. Ham and dumplings! The inspiration just come to me. I'm about to give you the recipe.

1 leftover half-ham
1 onion, diced 
Frozen mixed vegetable of your choice
Cooked greens of your choice
1 butternut squash (optional)
Celery, diced
1 can of biscuits

1. Take off whatever meat is on the ham until there's bone left.
2. Put ham bone in a pot of water to boil.
3 Add onion, celery, and other vegetables.
4.Open biscuits
5.Tear biscuits and add into the pot.
6. Push biscuits down and stir so biscuits would not stick.
7.  Serve and enjoy

The best part about this recipe is I did not have to add additional seasonings.


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