Art Is

A word that is described as,
Fine as wine, yet hard to define.”
A word that lets you go anywhere to you want to in your imagination
A word that lets you know that anything is possible and allows you to dream.
The word let’s you break all rules, molds, conformities and conventions.           
Do whatever it is that you want to do.
Take something someone else already did or whatever inspires you and make it yours.
Like a cover to a song.
 It is where you are the one in control.
What I’m talking about is:
 the art you eat,
 the art you wear,
 the art you read,
 the art you hear,
 the art you move to, and moves you,
 the art you laugh to,
 the art you see and watch,
the art you go to, and live in.

That is what art means to me.


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