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Rest In Peace Christine Cavanaugh

As a 90's kid, there were certain cartoons I grew up with. First, there was Rugrats from Nickelodeon. There was a certain red headed toddler named Chuckie Finster. There was one quote that cartoon character I thought when I got scared something as a child. And the following quote just happened to be: "I'm a big, brave dog."
Then by the time as was 8 years old, I was discovered a channel called Cartoon Network. There was to be a segment called What A Cartoon. That introduced the cartoon Dexter's Laboratory that featured a red haired a boy genius named Dexter who got a sister named Dee Dee tries destroy his secret laboratory.  When was about 9 years old, my sister, and I when go see a movie called Babe (No, it's not about a movie the baseball player Babe Ruth.) It was about a pig who wanted to be a sheepdog. It's entertaining and fun for the family. I also remember see the sequel Babe: Pig in the Big City, a few years later. The characters I just mention go…

The New Year Coming Soon

In a couple of days we are about to head in a new year. Things for me this have been slow coming for me but I'm some progress the best way I can. I have been submitting my originally written poetry on websites that would pay me and/or just for exposure. However, my works have been turned down, received or "in progress." I'm also in progress on working on other poetry, planning on writing articles online, etc.

Get On My Hustle

The new year is coming in a few days and there are so many things I need to do. First things first, I need to get a job. I need money for head shots, student loans payments, driving lessons, acting classes, furniture and household items for an apartment I need to get real soon, etc. I already put in four job applications online, but I have not heard back. Some places said I need to send my resume in person. And speaking apartments, I come to realize that a job is not the only thing I need to get. I have been in my aunt's house for four months and I come the realization that I'm not wanted there. I not allowed to check the  mail because the lose knob, every sound I make is like noise to her. I also live there with my mom in Conyers, Georgia. I'm 28 years old and it is time for me to have my own space and my place. I was thinking maybe moving to either Downtown or Midtown Atlanta. There more to do there, better access to public transportation since I don't have a car, an…

Move on

I accidentally tapped "new game" on The Sims Freeplay after 41 levels. It talked about using Could when I thought of iCloud. You know what? It's time to move on. I need to something else to do with my time. I need to get a job and I already applied for two. Not two at the same time but jobs I might qualify for and with a flexible schedule. It's always good to have a backup plan.

Just Because: The Stereotype Poem

Just because I’m black does not mean does not mean inferior, I’m not meant to be treated like I’m subhuman Just because I’m a woman does not I’m a sex object, I do have a brain you know.  Just because I’m a black woman does not mean I’m ugly, Black is beautiful. Just because my hair is natural does not mean I stopped wearing deodorant, I do practice good hygiene, you know. Just because I’m an American does not mean I’m arrogant, No culture is less than or greater than. Just because I’m an African-American does not mean I’m angry. I do have things to be happy about. Just because I’m a Christian does mean judgmental, I’m not God. Then stereotypes I mention are just what society thinks of me. However, that’s society problem and not mine. I mean I’m not perfect, I’m human after all!
That’s all that matters.


I can be described as a “bitch.” People who think they are above the law are not above me. Throughout history I brought down: Empires, Kings, Queens, Corrupt police officers, Presidents, Abusers, Users, Let’s just say I go around with whatever comes around. I am more devastating than any weapon. My name is Karma and I have come to reap what have been sown.

Art Is

A word that is described as, “Fine as wine, yet hard to define.” A word that lets you go anywhere to you want to in your imagination A word that lets you know that anything is possible and allows you to dream. The word let’s you break all rules, molds, conformitiesand conventions.            Do whatever it is that you want to do. Take something someone else already did or whatever inspires you and make it yours. Like a cover to a song.  It is where you are the one in control. What I’m talking about is:  the art you eat,  the art you wear,  the art you read,  the art you hear,  the art you move to, and moves you,  the art you laugh to,  the art you see and watch, the art you go to, and live in.
That is what art means to me.

Vent, Sister, Vent!

I'm 28 years old, I live in the United State of America, I woman who can make her own choices, decisions and express my own opinions according to the law. Right, a job is not the only thing I need to look for. I like to go out at night and I love to have fun. I'm also a creative and unconventional person. I'm over six feet, an African American, a form of autism, college educated (your worst nightmare). Recently, I started recording on Youtube: If you offended by whatever opinion I express on my videos, here is a suggestion: don't click. Thank you and have a nice day.

Ham and Dumplings

You heard of chicken and dumplings, rights? Well, I have been make chicken and dumplings for years. But a couple days ago, I have made something amazing with the leftover Thanksgiving ham. Ham and dumplings! The inspiration just come to me. I'm about to give you the recipe.

1 leftover half-ham Water 1 onion, diced  Frozen mixed vegetable of your choice Cooked greens of your choice
1 butternut squash (optional) Celery, diced 1 can of biscuits
1. Take off whatever meat is on the ham until there's bone left. 2. Put ham bone in a pot of water to boil. 3 Add onion, celery, and other vegetables. 4.Open biscuits 5.Tear biscuits and add into the pot. 6. Push biscuits down and stir so biscuits would not stick. 7.  Serve and enjoy
The best part about this recipe is I did not have to add additional seasonings.


I have been in Conyers, Georgia since August of this year. Since then, I have come to the realization that a job might not be the only thing I need to find. I just turned 28 last month and I need to find my own place. So, I had been online checking out apartments at reasonable prices. I also have student loans I need to pay but I need to discuss a payment plan. Lately, I have been submitting my poetry online so I could get paid if it gets approved. Things are getting a bit tight so I need find ways to make some legal income. But first things first, I need to get a Georgia state ID card.

Blogging Topics

Blogging is not only a great to make money but a great way to discuss current event and express yourself . I also write original poetry and plan on writing other literature in the near future. Some of my original works might even be feature on this blog. I'm even working a poem based on blogging called "Blog On." I always wanted to start my own blog but did not what my focus was. That was when I decided to blog about a range of topics. Those topics will range from me discussing what I'm going through at the time to my original poetry. So, relax and enjoy my blog.


I always wanted to start my blog but I never knew what I wanted to blog about. "My first blog" is just a working title and I will change it soon. Anyway, welcome!