Oh The Places I Want To Go: Domestic

Remember the international version of "Oh The Places I Want To Go?" Well, this is the domestic version. What I meant by domestic is places right here in the United States in America. Some of the places on this list I would like to visit, have already visited and would like to live in.
1. Atlanta, Georgia. This is the birthplace of Coca-Cola. This is one of the most historical places in the United States of America. The 1996 Summer Olympics took place in this city and is the capital of the Peach State. 2. Decatur, Georgia. And speaking of the Peach State, I have been to this see before and I loved the downtown area. Maybe I could live in this city and work in Atlanta. 3. Los Angeles, California. I dreamed about going this city and have a creative career there. I would love go see the beaches that this city has. 4. New York City, New York. So many sites I would love to see and places I would like to go one day. Like the Statue of Liberty for example. So many cuisines I would l…

Oh The Places I Want To Go: International

On my previous post, I have mentioned that I do want to travel. There are so many places that I want to go over the years. I remember seeing travel shows on TV and saw different sights, cuisines and historical facts. This list includes the international places the world I would in would like to go to (Places I would like to go in the United States will be posted later).

1.Paris, France. Oui! I always go to the City of Lights. All my life, I have been learning about France. I watched Madeline and Bon Voyage, Charlie when I was a little girl. By the time I got to school, I learned about the francophone world. 2. Rome, Italy. I learned so much history about this place for years! I would love to see the ancient sites. Lately, I have been learning the Italian language. 3. London, England. I loved to watch Mr. Bean and other UK shows growing up. I would like to see the sites and try the cuisines.
That is all for now. I might post have a part 2 if I find more interesting places. I hope you f…

Name Change

I am seriously going to change the name of this blog. I really want to reach out to a bigger audience. If you have comments, ideas and suggestions, please let me know. Thank you very much.

And...Happy Valentine's Day!

2018: Make It Happen

2017 has been a crazy year that went by fast. But now that it is a new year, 2018 will be a year that I really need to make things happen. Its just that there is more in life than what I am doing now. I remember someone in high school said that I am too young to ruts. Routines can son become ruts. I have dreams, goals and aspirations that I want to do in my want life. Through out my life, I have placing stepping stones and gaining experience. However, I need to broaden my horizons. Here the things that I really need to make happen:

1. Move out my both my parent's houses. I'm at a point in my life that I cannot stay in both of my high school bedrooms forever. I really need to spread my wings and fly out both nests. And stay gone this time. Fortunately, I have found a good place that I can move to with great opportunities. The place I'm taking about is Atlanta, Georgia (If I can't find a cheaper place in Atlanta, I could live Decatur and work in Atlanta. In Atlanta, there…

Working on A Manuscript

Sorry I have not been around in a while. I have been very busy. Not only I having been working but I have looking for more active streams of income. Things have been tight for me financially. But hey, I may be down but I'm surely am not out. Lately, I have been work on a manuscript that contains a collection of poems that I'm putting together for a book I want to publish. A book that you will find on print, eBook and audio book. I also been looking doing voice over work as well. I'm an actor with performing experience so this could really get my foot in the door.

Got Any Good Ideas?

Hi! How are you? How you been everybody? I'm okay. The thing I could use your help and suggestions. Right now I need to make some more active income. As of right, I do not have reliable transportation and looking for something that is more work from home or anywhere.

I also have an IT Works business and website. And I still need suggestions for a new name for this blog. If you happen to any good any ideas, plase let me know.

It's Been A Long Time

It's been long time since I left you, without something you to blog you. Exactly, I know it's been months. During the time since my last post, a little and a lot has happened. I found myself with another source of income. I'm a Independent Distributor for IT Works! I also review calls at Humantic but I'm still looking for more active income. I still have my dreams and goals in my We all know who is in office in the United States now. He's proving right about what my sister said about him.

He's a joke. Even the Republican Party ad former presidents said that he should not be president.He can not do want he wants to do.